Super family for financial purpose

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Can you recommend a big font family (serif and sans) to be suitable for financial services.
I'm looking for something like the Guardian set

Thanks for the help.

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Marcin, when I saw the title of this thread in Typophile homepage, I thought exactly in Guardian Text. I'm using it for legal texts (where there are lots of numbers due to law references) and it works very well.

Another font very good for text largely mixed with numbers is Utopia.

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The Modern Suite is big on numbers, with ten sets of figures in each font, and all current currency symbols. All the fonts--roman and italic, regular and bold, serif and sans--have tab figures with identical width (except the extra bold sans).

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Utopia is nice, pitty there is no sans.
The Modern Suite - very classy but a bit too old'ish :)

I also found Stag and Freight.

But Guardian is a killer :)

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The Modern Suite - very classy but a bit too old'ish

Can you believe I did not know Scotch/Figgins until I read this thread? I got impressed. Modern Suite is a great font package, very complete and with fine numbers. Nick pays attention to details and have a deep historical knowledge.

I don't think it's old'ish – almost all fashion magazines adopt modern typefaces, for example. And Figgins has real italics, adding flexibility to text composition. But of course it may not work in the design you're planning.

Utopia is nice, pitty there is no sans.

It works very well with Myriad/Frutiger. For me, the major problem in Utopia is the lacking of small caps in italics.

Celeste is another superfamily you may find good for this job.

The serif family I'm developing ( also aims to be suitable for texts with many numbers. But it's just an essay by now.

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"Utopia is nice, pitty there is no sans."

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