Suomi Hand now number one in FontShop

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Once again, apologies for blatant self-promotion, but Suomi Hand has gone past FF DIN in FontShop Bestsellers-list. I thought that was a mistake, but helpul guys from FontShop confirmed it's true.

I'm a happy camper.

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Awesome! Congrats, Tomi!

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Tomi that's one funky typeface! Excellent work :)

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I really dig it too, and I'm normally not at all a fan of handwritten typefaces. Congratulations!

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Thank you all-

I'm proud of the fact that nothing was scanned; everything is drawn with mouse on screen, with beziers, and this script touched ink for the first time when I took my first test print.

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No way! All drawn from beziers?! In FontLab? That's seriously impressive!

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Not in FontLab. In RoboFog. I still think it's better for glyph design. So does Schwartz. It was designed by type designers. FontLab is very clearly made by engineers.

But yes; I had samples of some Swedish Art Directors hand writing, and I went from that.

Go see my TeeBrush in Linotype. Same thing, but with no samples, I just draw that one on screen.

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Hmm, sounds like RoboFog could be worth investigating. I hadn't heard of it.

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RoboFog is a brilliant program from LettError. They took – then redundant – Fontographer 3.5 and re-built it with Python features, and generally tweaked it to type designer-friendly way.

I still have a laptop with OS9 just because RoboFog is a Classic program.

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