Examples of Times New Roman in use

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Hi, as part of my current Uni. project I am researching the use of Times New Roman, and really need to build up a gallery of pictures of it in use.

I've been doing some searching but can't find an awful lot, I was wondering if anybody could suggest some campaigns/identities to look at, particularly major ones, but the more the better.


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Look for works created before 1990. Since that time the font has been so overused by non-designers that most professionals have stopped using it if they can. Before 1990, and 1985, especially, it was a common font.

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One famous use would be the Government of Canada logo, found even on the Canadarm in use with the Space Shuttle.

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Oh, you mean the Canada wordmark? That's actually Fry's Baskerville, and not Times New Roman. If you download the EPS or AI files from the Industry Canada link, above, you'll be able to see the face up close—it's Baskerville.

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Sumner Stone had a good article of Times in his book "On Stone".

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Yes, I see you're correct, it is Fry's Baskerville, in the bold weight.

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