(x) What Font is is this?? / Slab for TeensHealth - Glypha or Serifa aka URW Egyptienne {Reed, Andreas}

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What font is being used at this website??


Mainly the TeensHealth logo.

Thanks dudes :)

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Hard to tell the difference from Glypha or Serifa at that size.

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The wide brush script for ‘Sexual Health’ is Forte.

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wrong place I've been "warned"!!!

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If you know that this is the wrong place to post a new reply, why do you do it then?
the font is Cosmos.

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Addition for the TeensHealth website: ‘Click Here’ is Baveuse by Ray Larabie.

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Why are some people so ignorant and rude? It would be much easier to give the answer and be polite. What do you think Jan?

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Well, I could just give no answer at all.
And... you’re welcome.

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