Neuzeit - Has anyone extended it?

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Has anyone attempted to expand Pischiner's Neuzeit? Not the DIN Neuzeit, but the grotesk?

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i know corey holms was working on it at one point (talked to him about it some years back) but thats the only time i heard of anyone pushing it. would love to see it come alive.

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Christian Schwartz' Graphik has just been released by Commercial Type, which draws a bit from Neuzeit Grot, Paul Renner's Plak and other of the 'lesser' Grotesks (read more about it on his personal homepage).

It cleans up with some of the quirks of NG, which is refreshing, but might not always be what you're looking for... it's a cool typeface, very versatile, and we have used it in a number of projects, always to very good effect, but we've also used Neuzeit a couple of times, because it is rougher, less polished.

Full disclosure: I am affiliated with CT through collaboration in various ways.

Hope this helps
Kai Bernau

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"rougher, less polished"

That's kinda what I like about it.

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