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Dear co-fontmakers .
I desperately need your help and knowledge.

Any kern i do on Fontographer , though its saved properly on my .fog file , it's not there when i finaly install the font.
In simple terms , it seems that my kerning is not saved with the .ttf or type1 file.

H E L P me I would be gratefull.
the one Who solves the problem , will have one of my fonts gifted .

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What software are you testing the fonts in Prokopios?

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I use to test in Adobe Indesign 2.0.
I 've also tested them converted to opentype format and the problem persists ...
(exported both fron fontlab 4.5 or the Adobe Opentype Converter).

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Prokopios is need of FOG assistance. It seems he's lost his kerns.

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