(x) Typophile Forums search is broken

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Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone else is having the same problems searching the Typohile forums? Every search term I enter comes back with a "Page Not Found" error. Even the word "font" produces this.

I'd love a quick solution to this one, if it exists, because I rely on these forums for info when I encounter technical probs, as I'm sure many others do.

Cheers, Wayne
Australian Type Foundry

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Yes. It does not work.

Try Google: keyword site:typophile.com

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Yes, the search stopped working again after the recent overhaul.

I’ll move this thread to the appropriate place, the Bug Reports and Feature Requests Forum.

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The search has been fixed. Kudos to Jared!

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Not quite - e.g. "scotch" picks up only three threads. Maybe we have to wait for reindexing or something?

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@eliason: Exactly. There's some 60,000+ threads to reindex, so bear with us.

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Computers can chug through 60,000 pages of mostly text in a very short time.

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I note that two weeks later, searches that shouldn't come up empty (e.g., "Klimax," "Mondegreen") still do. Are we still waiting reindexing, and if so, will we know when it is complete?

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While getting search fixed on here is certainly something that should happen, until then, Google does an amazingly good job indexing this site.


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that's exactly how I do now, since I cannot find post I read time ago, I triangulate by google.
I simply cannot find older posts, so if I find something I bookmark it...

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I get a blank list of topics if I click on the "2" to get earlier topics in any forum. At least, that happens for this one, and for Special Interest Groups: Hebrew Typography.

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Update on this one: I've added a local Google search so you won't have to jump out to another browser tab.

Look for the "Google Search" tab on the search page at http://typophile.com/search

Or go direct: http://typophile.com/search/google/

Also, 404 Page not Found errors will now initiate a Google Search, hopefully getting you closer to what you were looking for.

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