Quickbooks Bites!

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I have a client whom uses it and he thought he knew the perfect size for importing. But now he is worried about a so-called wave effect in the logo I sent to him. The wave effect is not visible in the file itself but only when you print out of Quickbooks.

Does anyone use Quickbooks? If yes, have you successfully added your logo? If yes, how?

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I use quickbooks, but haven't imported any logos... I can look into it tomorrow.


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Back in the dark ages, PC Word suffered the same fate . . .

You actually have to build the image in Illustrator 10 with a white background (the perfect size) and export it as a WMF file. Only trial and error will yield the correct size . . .

Sorry I don't have a copy of Quickbooks to test this theory with. Back in the day I did exports from Photoshop but since AI 10 has the WMF export feature, it's probably going to generate a graphic with a better chance of working.

Good luck!
Stuart :D

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