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whats that font? i don't even have a pic of it...so i'll have to describe it:

It has some dots INSIDE of the letters, and it has a Cross Inside the "O" i believe or at least something very close -usually this font is used for a Wizard/Celtish/ghosty/fairytale/

anyone have a clue?

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sounds like emigres exotect

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Or, also by Mr Barnbrook, the Mason family and its alternatives.


Would it be embarassing if I admitted that this was the very first font I ever bought?

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You guys are awesome, anyone else know of any? these are exactly the fonts I'm talking about....!

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David, if you bought it while it was still called Manson, then, far from embarrassing, it would be like you had an extremely limited release!

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how about this?

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Ha ha David. I guess it's a little embarassing.

But this is the first font I bought. Even more embarassing, I think. And worse, I never used it once.

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There's also Alchemy from Jeremy Tankard. Strangely enough, this typeface was just referenced on another thread . . .

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Avalon Quest and Morpheus appear to be variations (some would say rip-offs) of the aforementioned faces.

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> Would it be embarassing if I admitted that this was
the very first font I ever bought?

No ;)

"There are no bad typefaces, only bad typographers

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Although, Comic Sans...

Then again, you can't exactly BUY that one. You just
get it shoved down your throat. Every day. Everywhere.

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