(x) Suggestions for early 20th C German faces - Admiral, similar to De Vinne No. 11/Goudy’s De Vinne Roman {Florian, Mike Y}

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These scans are from G magazine. The monoline script looks familiar, the roman reminds me a bit of Electra, but of course isn't.

Any ideas?



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The script is Admiral, designed in 1906 by Julius Gipkens for Wilhelm Woellmer.

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The serif looks somewhat similar to a typeface called De Vinne No. 11, however the G is quite different. Most of the lower case looks quite similar, although the weight of No. 11 is a bit too heavy and maybe slightly wider than this sample. I saw this in the Jaspert "Encyclopaedia of Type Faces".

McGrew shows DeVinne Roman done by Frederic Goudy at the end of the 19th century, and except for the G it also seems quite close (and even a better weight match) to this sample.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks for the help!

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