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At first glance, the things I notice are:

d: There seems to be a lump on the bottom left of the outside curve that should be sanded off. The b looks good, so base your proportions for the d on it. It looks like the counter of the b is a little bit wider than the d, too.

f: The crossbar is too square.
t: The crossbar is too rounded. Something more like a rounded rectangle would be less obviously computer generated, but you may want to do it by hand. Look at a closeup of Garamond or Arno or anything based on metal type. They are generally rounded, but not necessarily evenly.

p: Looks well proportioned.
q: Looks less well proportioned. I would take the b, flip it, and change the serif because you got it right on the b.

Overall it looks nice. I think the c, b, r, and k look really good. I think the bottom serifs look a bit fat—I'd rather see them toned down a bit—but that's just my personal preference.

Nice work.

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How committed are you to the open bowls? b and q are pretty, but readers will stumble over the slight h-ness and y-ness of them. They would be easier to read if you closed them, or closed that end of the curve and opened the other end. Actually, I would recommend b completely closed, q open on the bottom, and p and d as they are (but fixed as Bill said). a, on the other hand, would not be hurt by an open bowl, so you could experiment with that.

a has some of the same weight problem as d. The top terminal of f might be a little heavy.

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Andrew, what happened?


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