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Hello everyone, I'd love to hear your comments regarding a brand logo I made for a company that sell special anti-stick coatings created using nanotechnology that protects different surfaces from dirt and corrosion and decreases cleaning time.

It's called QuickNano because the idea is that you can use latest nanotechnology quickly in your own house.

I'm not sure what typeface to use. On the picture is Myriad Pro. Maybe you can suggest an alternative typeface?

Does the basic concept work? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

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With the color and the droplet I immediately think it's something water/ocean related, doesn't really give me a tech vibe at all. The Q icon is kind of interesting, I think a more modern looking sans and maybe a different color palette could go a long way.

Off the top of my head maybe Klavika, Stalemate, Neo Sans?

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I agree with Chris. I'm getting the water purification, waste treatment or recycling, but not the non-stick coating. Shades of gray is probably a better choice in terms of color, and I would look at other concepts that do not involve a droplet. Droplet is confusing.

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Thank you for your comments!

First we tried to make a scientific logo, that'll say "science", "nano":

But then we thought that we need a friendly logo, since the product is for home use and it is not a scientific company logo.

Then we started working with all these water droplets, because the effect of the product makes water bead up on the treated surface and roll off in droplets. So I figured that this logo answers to friendlyness and to main effect (water rolls off the protected surface).

I agree that the typeface could be more technological. Here are some typefaces I tried:

I also switched the colours so the word "nano" will be more bright.

Looking forward for your comments! Thanks!

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Worry about color later in the process. Get the mark where it needs to be first.

Something is just off--the letterform is close to being a Q but for whatever reason I don't find that it's right.

It could be a number of things, like the size of the droplet itself, its angle, etc. The droplet gives me the feeling that its separate from the oval behind it. As if its the letter O with something coming out of it, instead of saying to me that both elements are incorporated together to make one letter.

Perhaps trying flipping the droplet on its vertical axis so it spills down to the right.

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water rolls off the protected surface

Now it seems that the water comes out of the surface, not that it "rolls out".

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Made one with changed angle of droplet and new typeface (less heavy and more techno IMHO). What do you think?

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That's looking better. More Q like. I think the droplet now needs to be moved left a touch, then rotated clockwise slightly. Just compare it against the real Q below and adjust until you're happy.

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Moved the droplet to the left. Is it just me or position of the droplet is not natural?:)

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The first thing I thought was "Quicktime rip-off." The color scheme and design feel derivative to me. I would say start over.

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It's also pretty much the same mark, changing the direction of the droplet etc isn't changing the tone or image conveyed.

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Thank you all for your comments!

But I don't understand what you like or don't like in it. Maybe someone can tell exactly what I can change or what typeface to use? I'm not a designer and this is my first time doing a logo, so any advice could really help!

Thanks again!

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We can't tell you what to do - there's no 'one' magic answer to the problem.
It's not about making what we think looks good, it's about making what's right for the job. We're also not the client so...you know.

Also, curious...if you're not a designer, why are you on the logo project?

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I also am not a fan of the gradient used in the mark.

And nope we can't tell you precisely what to do, but I'll attempt to offer you one direction of inspiration:

If it were me designing the logo, the one thing I would take note of are that the company's final product (the whole) is created by many small things (the parts, the nano molecules if you will), coming together as one. So I could envision some sort of logo in which smaller components come together to form a larger mark.

But if you're not a designer this is probably out of your league--and at the very least for now you've made it look more like a Q.

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