Monogram/Logo for myself.

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get a few comments or suggestions regarding my logo that I have been working on.

As it goes I happen to have double AA as my initials, been struggling with ideas and sketches for a while, this is one of the more solid ideas that I came up with.

(Note I have not selected or really thought about the font yet.)

Please let me know if the idea comes through easy enough.


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Clever idea. You will need some polish. Regarding just composition, I think the best one is the one below the one with the red.
I think what's working here is the alignment between As' crossbars and E.
You should pay special attention to the evennes of strokes' weights and whitespaces.
Also you could extend to the entire word "DESIGN" some kind of different upper/lower treatment.

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Thank you riccard0!

Yes I do need to polish this project a bit, I really need to start looking at fonts that would go with my "D" design. Any suggestions from the community? I would really appreciate it :)

I do agree riccard0 that weight works better than the other ones, the weight of the stroke is a bit more than half of the outer shapes. Here are a few minor tweaks and variations, sorry if not too much variation :/ work ate up most of my mental stamina today.

Thank you all in advance!

PS: mental cookies to people with comments and suggestions :P

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What would happen if you took this last version. mirrored the top 'A' vertically and rotated the bottom "A" 90 degrees counter-clockwise - lined them up to make a 'northern' hemisphere?

I feel like the large "D" form is too heavy-handed, and the mark itself is difficult to balance. It's a testament to your skill as a designer if you can portray it without explicitly stating so...

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Hi brockfrench thank you for the reply.

I can certainly see what you mean by the large 'D' being a bit heavy handed, the reason I ended up with such an idea was because everything else I came up with looked like a 'cool' or weird shape without an idea behind it.

Regarding your suggestion, did you mean after the changes made the sphere shaped double 'A' sit alone as my monogram or be incorporated into the word design?

If anyone else could make suggestions or give their thoughts I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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I have a bias towards thick lines and forms. I think the 3rd in the post above is working nicely, because you're using one form in two ways. You can read into this however you like, but to me, it's about design economy & flexibility.

I think the mark should sit alone when presented to people who know you're a designer.

You could also produce a version of that mark with your name / trade modestly set below it - for when people need to know your name.

Arbi Ayvazian or Ayvazian Design

(Though it looks like you'll need to use something slim and condensed. :)

In all instances where you've included the full word "design" into the mark, it looks amateur, and it is literally drowning the monogram. The mark is about you, not about the word "design".

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Ah yes! I see what you mean now, thank you for the clarification brockfrench. Interesting, I was kinda looking at it from the other way, but I know what you mean. It does throw a cheap shoe into the pile so to speak.

Well its back to the drawing board for a while, the main issue is using the same shape 'A' without making one of the letters look like another letter.

I need to dig up some of my sketches and go from there!

Oh and mental cookies for you brockfrench and riccard0 and many thanks again for your input.


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Great, now there are crumbs in my brain.

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Ha! Dip your head in milk that will solve the problem. :P

Yup that is what what I gathered as well, the mark will look different yet only incorporate my name as the main subject. I will try a few different variations and show the results later.

Again thank you so much brockfrench, always nice to get a different perspective on a problem. Feel free to ask me for any illustration help if you ever need it.

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