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I am proud to finally announce the release of Otari. It can be purchased at TK Type or myfonts. A version of the bold weight, with a limited character set, is also available for free on either site.

Otari is vibrant and contemporary, but serious and built to last.

Its character shines in display type, but doesn’t interfere at text sizes. Otari aims to capture the essence of Wellington, New Zealand in a single typeface. The contrast of a colorful art scene and the conservative colonial British aesthetic, which is still evident in the capital city, laid the groundwork for this design.

TK Type

PDF Specimen

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Wow, exciting stuff! Congratulations!

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Congrats Travis!

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Otari is vibrant and contemporary, but serious and built to last.

Don't forget "friendly but authoritative" :-)

The semiserif-italic pothook fusion in the roman is a cool idea, nicely done.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. Bendy, I tried to send you a message through typophile, but am not sure it went through. Please email me at design(at)traviskochel.com, or let me know how I can get ahold of you. I just wanted to send a token of my appreciation for your critique on the early stages.

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Love this. Congrats.

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The intro sale is a bit late, but better than never.

Now 40% off all packages until March 6. TK Type

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