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Unfortunately the search is down right now, so my apologies if this has been answered before.

I'm setting a book for a student group I'm part of. Many of the essays have endnote citations. Is there a hard and fast rule about the amount of spacing that comes after the superscript character and before the next? I can't quite discern if a single space suffices, or if two spaces are necessary.

The text is Sabon 10/12 x 23 if it makes a difference.

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Usually the superscript reference comes with no space from the text and separated with a single space from the following character –except if it's punctuation, when no space is used.

Sometimes this single space after the referece seems very small because it's also formatted as superscript. The correct is to have just the reference as superscript.

With InDesign, you can fine tune this (for example, separating the number and the precedent text with a thin space) and automate the format through styles and footnote settings.

Avoid the use of two spaces. An en space is the choice when additional blank is needed.

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One does not use spaces for this, one uses tabs. The (superscript) numbers are aligned with a right tab (because they can consist of one, two, three… figures), based on the widest case, and the beginning of the text with a left tab, so that the resulting spacing between the two is consistently vertically aligned. Any other approach leads to a messy, amateurish result.

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Ton, I understood the question as spacing the reference number in the main text (not the footnote number itself) because Hallock said "after the superscript character and before the next". But if the question is about the footnote numeration, I completely agree with you.

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