Styling Helvetica for Tattoo?

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A co-worker of mine is getting a tattoo this week. Her name is "Tiffany" and she's looking to get just the world "beautiful" on her arm. She's really liking the absence of style that Helvetica provides. However, she'd really like to style the "tif" part in the word a bit different as it's part of her name.

We played around with a few ideas, such as making it light, but nothing really felt right because it sits in the middle of the word and seems to break up the consistency that Helvetica provides in the first place.

Anyone have any good recommendations on how to style that part of the word different in such a way that still looks great? Or maybe any examples of signs/posters where they've done something similar that has looked great?

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tattoo in helvetica :) awesome!

you can try making it a little bit blurry, but I don't know if it's possible with tattoo.

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try organic lines?

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Why not a different color (of a similar value)?

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Color is the best suggestion to maintain the integrity and cleanness of helvetica and still accomplish what you want.

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i don't like so much color tattoos, especially in this case: in the middle of the word, any other color (e.g. red) in my opinion breaks the optical weight of the word making it seems two words spaced. i like underlines and in my opinion in this case this works well, it retains the absence of style (as you said, even if i think there's more style here than in many other tattoos) you loved.

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sorry for the wrong image size i'm new here ^_^

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I think it might work if you take the bottom of "tif" and pull it down to descender length.

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How about "vanitiffany"...

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obviously, you could use something a little prettier for the cursive part, but you get the idea.
(sorry for the link, i don't know how to post images yet)

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how about putting a tail on the f that mirrors the bottom of the t? This would give the tif part a symmetry that might be enough to set it apart from the rest of the word without breaking it up too much.

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Hmmm, that looked better in my head than it actually does

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Still waiting for the photos on this one...

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Why not using Haas Unica

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