Handwritten style font

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Does anyone know the name for the below 2 fonts? I am sure both are the diffrent fonts.

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Can anyone help me for this. Its some kind of rush work for me.

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hmmm, ... maybe this list is a good start ;-)
especially if you are in a hurry!

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There are two fonts there. Notice the two U's, A's and E's.

I've searched Comicraft fonts and neither of these comes from them, as far as I can see. Also searched Abstract Fonts site, and no luck there. Can't open Dafont.

Unfortunately there are lots of Comic fonts. Maybe you can get a close one to work?

- Mike Yanega

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You might also give Blambot a try.


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You might look at Comic Pro from Jack Yan Assoc. It's quite similar to the second sample.

I checked Blambot earlier, and they had serifs on most I's in the comic fonts I saw.

Thought maybe Harold Lohner's Zitz was close to first sample.

- Mike Yanega

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Hunch: Is it the default font in OSX's Comic Book Life app?

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