I need a hand with a small font.. For a street artwork

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Im making a scrolling display in the street outside my house.. In London, there are these glass brick that are often set in the pavement.. I have put a bunch of LEDs under the glass bricks and have started doing trcks with them.. but the grid of blocks is 4 high (by 16) so fonts are really tough..
Does anyone know of a resource where i can see the most efficient way of making fonts with only four pixels high...? I supose I could turn the thing around and do 16 high (by 4) but you would have to turn your head... Someone told me Wim Krause made one up at the beginning of computer time.. Any help would be greatfully received..
P.S Check out the giant 3d sculpture I just made if youre interested.. http://www.greyworld.org

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I would suggest using Small Fonts that comes with Windows at size 4, then modifying the characters as you see fit.

- Lex

P.S. - Nice sculpture - how do the beads move?

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