Please comment on draft v3.1

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Please note that this text was set in AI without any regard whatsoever to kerning. Also some characters are yet to be designed.

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This is an interesting looking font. It would be nice to see a pdf; that way we can judge the shapes, contrast and smoothness better. It looks quite well crafted.

At first glance, it looks like you're not quite decided whether this should be narrow or wide. The caps are wide but the lowercase (especially e and g) is narrow. I think that could work very interestingly as a concept, but then there are still discrepancies like the wide lowercase a or narrow uppercase J.

It looks like the stems of the uppercase could be a bit heavier.

Comma is not in tune with the other glyphs, style-wise. It needs squaring off. The period too. Asterisk needs to be monoline I think.

Uphill stroke of X and x needs a bit of offset.

Lowercase j should have a flatter tail.

The @ sign has a bit too much white space. Put the ring nearer the a?

Keep going, this could turn out very interesting!

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This looks awesome, please finish it.
What if the bottom-left corner of the lower case b looked like the upper-left corner of g.
I found the terminal of lowercase e a little awkward but it could be just me.
Maybe also reduced the contrast between the thicks and thins in the uppercase, AXKYN.
In my opinion a close loop P may work better with this typeface (mainly because I don't like open loop ones :P) I love the R though.
It could be that the high contrast Uppercase makes the capitals a little thicker than the lowercase at times but it's really hard to tell from a PNG.

Ben said:"At first glance, it looks like you're not quite decided whether this should be narrow or wide."

Please don't fix that by making the whole thing narrower.

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Thanks for your positive input guys!

I've made the lower left corner of the lc b like the upper left corner of lc g. I personally don't like it, it makes it to much "fun" (see "bibaboerderij"). Other than that I've made no changes yet.

Please check out the PDF here:!

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