Gold Leaf Hand Painted Window Signs

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Hey Typophile buddies! I need some help- I'm working on the identity for a small restaurant opening in my neighborhood soon. I want it to look like the older hand painted gold leaf window signs-


I need your help to find a proper typeface that is in the style I'm looking for here- So far I was thinking Interstate Condensed Bold:

But I'm really looking for something more maybe.. naive? more flawed possibly- something a little more hand painted and older looking.

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A couple examples from Basel.

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Offtopic, sorry – Scott, may I ask where in Basel that is? The top photo («Gegr: 1865») seems familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. Now I can't stop wondering. :-)

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phrostbyte64- thanks!

altaira- it's Freidlin Handschuhe, the glove makers right near the town square in the old part of Basel.. They had this iron glove hanging down on a sign above the windows.

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riccard0- woah, I've never heard of Letterhead Fonts- great oldschool stuff!

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YES! I know where that is. Thanks :-)

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H&FJ just tweeted this! How timely for me!

sorry for the large images

and the post says an explanation video is on its way!!

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The H&F effort looks incredible, letters in gold. Mmmmmmm.
I almost feel sorry for my next client...

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Thanks for the resources, the result is great - I'll have to try this method, even though I'm not familiar with gold leaf yet, I'll get some gold leaf delivery online for my first tests. I want to do the same on a wooden surface (door)

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