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Hey all, I've been reading these forums for years, and behold. My first post. I'm designing a logo for a film production company. The name of the company is Reason Pictures.

I've thought so hard about this logo before diving into design that my execution is becoming muddled with the implied meaning of the word "reason". It's conflicting with my typeface choice. I know that I the name is so strong it doesn't really need an icon to accompany the type, it should be clean, and it should be powerful and, well, logical. Logical, meaning no tricks. It needs to stand the test of the time. Here's a glimpse at some of my progress and thoughts. And here

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one of the ideas

This concept is one I'd explore further. I like the idea of ligating the e, a, s and o to reference the film's path through a projector. Did you try that with Platelet or Base Nine?

I agree the globe has to go.

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Aristotle is the strongest concept you've got there.

In fact, I find think it's excellent. Simple, interesting, memorable, and flexible. I like the ones on the right that simply say reason. Consider making the spacing of the boxes consistent. It would be more, er, reasoned? One drawback is that this odd shape may not work in all applications. The beauty is you can do different tree shapes to fit various applications. Well done.

I would not even show the version suggested above. Unless they filmed Wrath of Khan, of course. At least two reasons. 1. It has no substance to it, no reason for being as it were, and 2. Some words look really bad with classical proportioned caps. REASON is one of them. The RE is too week. Consider modern proportions if you are dead set on this solution.

That globe promo piece thingy is interesting. You could do something equally interesting with the aristotle tree that transforms into Epcot Center. Or something.


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Thank you so much for the feedback. I agree with the wrath of khan statement -- I personally cringe when forcing ligatures between letters just for the sake of it. It was a last resort. :-)

I suppose what it's boiled down to is that I need to present the idea to the client that the "logo" simply doesn't need to be as designed as he would imagine. I'm in the position to say that a properly kerned, intelligently chosen typeface will represent REASON PICTURES better than a flashy zany logo.

I went down some other paths, here's what I have at the moment:

The uppercase italic face is also Emigre's Base Nine. I think it might be too modern for this particular use, more of a poster font.

At this juncture, I'm settling on a specific face to represent the company. Futura seems to be as clost as it is. A bit cold, though. I wouldn't mind something a bit more modern, but the Emigre stuff might be too crazy. Thank you for your time, I appreciate the comments.


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I like the aristotle right version. The logical binary blocks with REASON scattered down each box.

Strongest logo concept in my opinion.


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