(x) Display sans with small serifs on "Creation" movie poster- Grant Avenue {Demi Hopkins}

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Anybody know what typeface was used on this version of the Creation movie poster? I increased the contrast a little to make it clearer.

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I wanted it to be a different answer than Friz Quadrata, but I do think that is the closest font I could find that might have been a starting point. It has been re-drawn to straighten edges (the N for example) and make the serifs more triangular. The R is completely new.

The best alternative I could find was Font Bureau's Grand Central, which I could imagine being produced in an ultra weight that could look like this. It even has similar underlying R, E, and T shapes, but the C and A are a stretch (even if you were with me to this point).

Considering what I have just written, my answer would be "custom, inspired by Friz Quadrata".

- Mike Yanega

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TF Arrow?

Never mind, I am way wrong on that one!

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Also reminds me of LHF Hensler or Modesto – but they aren’t really very close.

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I see echos of Goudy Sans and ITC Chino Display here... but both are far off. Have you contacted the studio who did the poster?

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I did. This just in from Demi Hopkins, Creative Director at Carnival Studio:

> Hi Yves,

Its nice to hear my Creation poster has been noticed out there. I put considerable effort into the typography on this one and used OTF features where possible to create something a little unique.

The main typeface used (title treatment, surnames, director credit) was Grant Avenue (Umbrella Type) and the secondary typeface was Hoefler Text with its beautiful swash italics.

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Well, at least that explains why searching at MyFonts didn't expose it ;-)

- Mike Yanega

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