Arrihi / Palatino / Tagliente inspired italic serif

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Hello Typophile,

I would like to have your critique for this scholar project.
It's a renaissance inspired italic serif based on old calligraphy principally by Arrighi.

It's no vectorized yet, so there is some irregularity along the letters.

Thanks in advance

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Wow, very nice work. I like how the letters consist of many straight lines rather than curves. You don't see that very often, but particularly as a book face it will look amazing.

I think the 'z' looks too heavy near the stem. Also I'm wondering why the tittle on the 'j' is bigger than the tittle on the 'i'. I've never seen it before. Does it have something to do with the Renaissance style lettering?

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Thanks for your enthusiasm!

The z was kinda hard. Need to rework a bit.
The o is a little bit big,
the tittle on the j is the good one. Will correct the one on the i on future versions.

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