Greek alphabet + math symbols + sans serif

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I am working on a redesign for a science magazine/journal and we need a sans serif font with as big a glyph set as possible, including Greeks and quantum symbols and as much math as possible.

Ideally this font would also look amazing as a display face, however I think we all agree that this is basically impossible.

So....what I am looking for is a sans serif with a million bazillion characters that will work well in italic, regular, bold and bold italics (because each of those things means something in science). I am going to try to use it for any sans serif body copy and then insert it in if it needs to be in the display area. It would help me if it had a condensed weight too since I am using one of the more condensed widths of Knockout for the display copy right now and don't really want to change it if I can help it (I'm rather attached to it actually).

Any ideas?

Help quadruply appreciated....


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Something like Lucida Sans may work. Lucida Sans Unicode has Greek, and there's a Lucida Math that provides mathematical symbols that harmonize with the Lucida superfamily. There's also a Lucida Sans Narrow, but it doesn't comes with the same extended glyph coverage.

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