Native American type

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If you had to set a Native American prayer in a typeface what would you choose?

Without getting stereotypical. Is there anything that would be appropriate?


unrelated note: is the typophile search function down?

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It helps in part to know the specific language you're writing in, to find a font that is compatible with the orthography.

A font that's personable with a calligraphic flair is good for prayers in general. Something like the current header font, Elli from The Font Bureau, would be good for a few lines on a poster, though perhaps a bit kitschy depending on the accompanying imagery (I can't really think of any spiritual poster I've seen that isn't kitschy), and too informal for a page of text.

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Maybe a nice uncial.


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Pester for a Ross Mills for a beta of this:

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unrelated note: is the typophile search function down?


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