Extract Font Face

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Can someone tell me how to extract a font face from a font family? I have the Gill Sans font family but need Gill Sans bold as a separate font.

It's complicated to explain why, but I'm working on a big Flash project and the engineering team can only get one face for a font to work with our embedding process. I need both font faces as their own font to embed them both.


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Save yourself the hazzle: Gill Sans Bold is only $29.

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Yea, that might be the same Gill Sans font family I already own. But it's an idea.

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Or shoot an old copy of Word 97 or Lotus Wordpro on ebay.

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I usually just go ahead and use the version I have.

Unlike my old international book jobs, when fonts were automatically with them, today I get InDesign, or (God forbid) Quark files, and they have no fonts with them. They are instructed not to send them anymore. As a type designer I say yeah, but as a book designer, I say bugger me with 6 ft pole. And I did. And happily my publisher was ready to pay for the font.

That means that language versions get their pay.

So, designers, hold on to your designs; change could be happening.

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