Temporary Alternatives to Mercury and Sentinel?

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LONG STORY SHORT: Waiting for client to deliver aforementioned fonts but want to start designing now... Any suggestions for something that looks similar???

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Oh dear.

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Yes. Very lame. But with due dates looming I can't just sit. Must keep working.

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I was referring to the licensing situation.

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Just use comic sans and papyrus - if your designs work with that, they should be able to work with just about any typeface... :-)

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I try to be vary careful about licensing.

Perhaps I should elaborate.
My client is buying me a copy of the font as I am their only designer.
Due to time lags in purchase orders and invoice sign offs the font purchase can't be approved today. Is there a licensing issue I'm not understanding? As a friend to type designers and lover of type I would hate to make an incorrect move here.
Please share any insight you have into this matter. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, I was assuming the worst.
Because it is normal for the purchaser to receive a font licence, not a third party.

Why don't you just pay to licence the font yourself, and bill your client, as they are paying for it anyway?

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Yes. That is normally my preference. Weird situation. Weird client. Ugh. Thanks for the response.

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I will bet that most of the suggestions you’re going to get will be relatively useless, because we’re bound to suggest things that aren’t likely to be residing on your hard drive. So then you you’ll have to go purchase licenses yourself and what’s the point of that, if the fonts are on their way?

How long is this “weird” situation going to take? Are we talking weeks?!

Might be more effective to list the options you have available to you currently and let the Typophiles kibitz on which will be the most suitable stand-ins.

Should be entertaining.

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So helpful. Thank you!

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