Untitled cursive font

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critiques are very welcome.


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you're right, alternates make sense - especially when the uppercase is worked out (truly a frightening task)

about the "t", I think it causes a negative space problem without the curl.

like so:

tea time

then again, maybe that could be solved by bringing the right sidebearing in by 1px.


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I'm planning three versions altogether:

1. a less ornate "italic" version
2. this "script" version
3. alternates & ligatures

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Very nice! It has this old French smell to it. And the way you're dropping out pixels here and there is brilliant (and it's a great example of how bitmap and outline font design are totally different).

Some suggestions:
- I'd axe the last pixel on the ascenders of "b" and "h".
- The new "f" is much better.
- I don't get the stray pixels in "g" and "y".
- I think the "k" and "z" are out of character.
- The tick in the "o" is more hindrance than help, I think.
- The UC "V" looks unhappy.

BTW, it sounds like you won't be making a Roman. Could be interesting that way - but if so I'd definitely make a less rigid italic and I'd make it a two-pixel-stem design. At 15 PPEM it should work out OK, if you make the horizontals 1 pixel and keep it loose overall.

But whatever you do, please do take this all the way!


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Beautiful...can't wait to see it commercially available!

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very nice Andrew. do you think you'd do alternates? for instance characters with more swash on the end?

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the reason i asked this is i see some characters that might work better at the end of a line. for instance, the t seems to have too much curl on the end.

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