Historical fonts from Tuscany and Florence

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I'm looking for historical fonts related to Tuscany or Florence.
I know LetterPerfect offers some historical reproductions of tuscan fonts, like Beata, Donatello and Ghiberti, and that's just a good deal.
Just wondering if there are other fonts with the same historical background.
Thank you!

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No one? Maybe I wrote in the wrong forum…
I will contribute to my own monologue telling me that Matthew Carter said that «Optima took its inspiration from Quattrocento inscriptional lettering in the cathedrals of Florence and Siena» and that Arno took its name from the river flowing through Florence.

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Antonio di Bartolommeo Miscomini (c. 1445–1495) was a Bolognese punchcutter and printer who worked in Venice, Modena and above all Florence, where he cut roman and orthotic Greek types.

1482 Firenze - Antonius Mischomini, type 3,4 cc-by History of the Book, Amsterdam (more on Flickr)

I am uncertain if any revivals of his types exist.

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Hermann Zapf's Medici Script takes its name from the famous Florentine family.

While not particular to Florence, you might have a look at some script styles such as Adrian Frutiger's Ondine, or a rotunda such as San Marco.

Apropos of your first examples of lettering styles: URW Florentine

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Well, maybe it would be better to frame a particular historical period you're interested in. Anyway, there are some typefaces inspired by the works of Luca Pacioli and Leonardo Da Vinci.
And, there's a whole "tuscan" genre! ;-)

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