How to set up "rand" feature

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Okay I'll try this again...
I know there are no current applications that support this feature, but it seems that there is a moderate amount of interest in random fonts at least from what i read here on these boards.
Anyhow, I've wondered about the "rand" feature. Would it be set up like:
sub x from [x x.salt1 x.salt2 x.salt3 (etc.)]
and then the application would randomly pick from within that set? or is there a more ideal way that this would be set up?
unfortunately, i doubt any apps will support this feature anytime soon, but it'd be nice to know how this feature would be written in theory.

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Yes, you would use GSUB lookup type 3 (one-to-one-of-many) so you would map from the default glyph to an enumerated set of possible alternates. See the <rand> feature description in the OT spec for more details.

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thank you yet again, John, i'm assuming i can find a description of what the different lookups are/mean somewhere on the Microsoft site too? (sorry, i just like asking self-explanitory questions i guess. thnx for being patient with me)

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