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Hello fellows

After years of designing i thought i sould start using a logo so there is my effort. The sign has the first letters of: Christos Tsolerides Design.

Anxious for suggestions, christos.

logoCTD.swf (3.1 k)

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...i think it will be better like that:

logoCTD.swf (3.1 k)

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...still anxious for suggestions...

i think i will have to make the crit by myself.

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That's pretty cool Christos. I wonder how many viewers will see all three letters in your mark? Since you have your title written out, it might not matter

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I think it looks good! You might slightly move the white "T" counter to the left a very small quantity and move your name a tiny amount to the right to make the tail of the "T" a bit longer.
I definitely prefer the second version. The T, C, and D might need to be a bit bolder or perhaps have a dot or even an underscore below each of those 3 letters.



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I like the mark. I think it works. Don't know your work, but I get a very rigid and simple vide from it. Like your work is clean and sans needless embellishements.

What is not working for me is the type treatment. I can't read that big line of letters no matter what is bold and regular.

I would go with a less bitmappy treatment and us a nice humanist or geometric sans. Have christos tsolerides be bigger than design perhaps.

And I don't think the size relation between the mark and type is working. I would not try and line up the type with the 'entrance' to the mark, get them more balances out in size. I could even see the mark going to the right of the type, almost like a book-end or period.

Just some thoughts :-)

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I am curious why your logo is in English. Are most of your customers English speaking? Do you also have one in Greek?


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Since your last name (Tsolerides) is rather unusual at least in US/ Western Europe/Latin America, I would make sure it is very easy to read, adding spacing between it and your first name improves the legibility. - example a "T" is not usually followed by an "s" in western Europe/US). If this is to be used in the country of its (the name) origin perhaps it is less of an issue.

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I have a hard time reading that "C"...

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I think it's way too eurofrigid. From the examples of your amazing work that I've seen on Typophile, you deserve a much more human logo.

You moved to western europe recently, right?
Wherever you go, stay yourself, my friend.


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Ho, Hrant, how many phrases is a human allowed to coin ; )

Alas, Chris, he is right. You seem a lot more human (in these forums) than the logo suggests. I reckon you can make it sing.


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Hey, this is not just a critic. This is more than i expected and i really thank you all for your interest. I am too busy right now so i am not ready to send you my reply, but i couldn't stand not replying to the last 2 posts from Hrant and Chris. You are both right and actually exactely this question were on my mind yesterday when Peter said that he doesn't know my work. Thank you all again and i have to say i am honnoured to have such an interest from almost all the typophiles whose work i admire.

I wish that soon i will be ready to give you some feedback.


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Christos, for some reason I woke up this morning thinking about what your logo should look like (maybe I was feeling guilty about my negative reaction yesterday) and I thought: what about using a big "X" in some way? As in the first letter of your first name, sort of.


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not to mention X is the coolest letter in the alphabet!

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Hrant there is no reason to feel guilty. On the contrary your reaction shows that you care and i deeply appreciate it.

I like the idea of "X" but i am thinking if this is negative, since X meaning prohibition.


P.S. Just a question -out of subject- that i am going to ask to "General Discussions" board too. I am searching for an MA course in Typography or in graphic design. The problem is that i cannot quit ny job in Thessaloniki so i have to attent it from distance (internet or post). Of course it has to be in english. So, if you know anything please do let me know.

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(loaded with cultural bias, but it may bear pointing out):
X also marks the spot. Also the X-Men are pretty cool. XML is handy. Stay away from Xtremes and XGames.

I don't know if it's as prohibitive as you might imagine.

I'd encourage you to spend some time exploring it.


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I think the worst [general] thing that can be said about the "X" is that it has an "anti" air about it - but even that can be useful. And a good thing that can be said about it is that it's charged with complex meaning - it has great presence.

If it were that clearly controversial it would have never passed the focus groups at Apple.


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Just looking at this now, but I think Hrant got it right: Your work is so richly and warmly artistic that your logo should reflect that. This logo is not only frigid, but awkward - just the opposite of your fabulous poster work. Scrap it and start over is my amateur opinion.

By the way, it is possible for someone with great artistic 'chops' like you to do spare and clean stuff with flair - not that you have to for this logo. See the Ecco logo at louisefilli.com

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