Posterony and Agamemnon

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Here's one I forgot to put on the list at the beginning of the bolg:
It's a display gothic from an old Speedball lettering book. I may try to tighten it up without as close a regard for the reference someday, but it's on the back burner for now.

I've recently posted some new samples for Agamemnon as well. Go on, have a look!


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Your Finnish text for Posterony is incorrect: add an 'n' after 'hä'. Overall feel of both texts is that they are very heavy, with a lot of contrast between thin and heavy strokes.

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Thanks for pointing it out, but I had never assumed any of my sample text was correct in any language. I use a program called MacLorem to generate dummy text that is more varied than the usual Cicero passage. I had thought the Finnish option (and all the options, for that matter) only generated blocks with a pattern resembling typical letter frequencies rather than a specific text. I guess I should be more careful on how I use that thing.

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