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BPmono italics has undergone through a transformation process and has eventually been reformed into an actual typewriter font. BPtypewrite is in fact BPmono italics standing up, with new soft edges, and a whole system of supporting fonts including underscored, strikethrough and slashed. As all backpacker.gr fonts it supports modern Greek. The italics version remains in all variations, while a rough alternate complements the whole set (BPtypewriteDamaged). So, let the BPtypewriting begin!

BPtypewrite's system is very close to caketype's Nitti Typewriter designed by Pieter van Rosmalen. Check it out if you want extended language support, more variations and opentype features.

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I really like it, but the lack of accented Latin characters makes it nearly useless for me. And the Creative Commons licence you chose (»no derivatives«) doesn't allow me to fix it myself :-/

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