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Looking for an alternative to Rockwell. A typeface similar to Rockwell but better drawn.


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"Tired of Rockwell, use Kulturista"
Go for it at

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Neither nor loads for me, but Google thinks it's the latter (no "e").

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Here's Kulturista at FontShop. But that may or may not be what you’re looking for. It could help if you elaborate on what you mean by "better drawn".

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Yeah, 'better drawn' is a little vague. How about just a slab serif, equal weight typeface thats not Rockwell. Thanks for the feedback. Keep em coming!

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Since you seem to be that fond of Avant Garde (see your picture) maybe Lubalin graph is your choice, it's the slab serif companion to the former (link see riccard0).

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Looks like Lubalin is the way to go for this one, thanks.

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