A quality drawing tablet

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I'm curious do any of you use drawing tablets? I'm wanting to look into them. Can anyone recommend one that's quality and affordable? Thnx!

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Wacom Intuos $500 +- and up
Wacom Cintiq $1,500.

Don't rush. if you can save $$$ - buy the cintiq. This is really a great tool.

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Wacom Intuos $500 +- and up

sorry - $200 +- and up

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New Wacom Intuos 3
Every workstation in the bureau has some Wacom, from the old grey serial 1, a translucent black, the Wacom 2 to the new 3 series... a history of Wacom :-D.
Everyone is absolutely irritated at first and then awnts to take the thing home for working with Photoshop at the weekend :-D. Probably each intern leaving this small bureau is sooner or later buying a Wacom-- they should $%&/()ing sponsor me.

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I like the old Wacom tablets with the easy flip-up flip-down transparent cover, which made it easy to slip a piece of artwork under for tracing. The more recent tablets have a hard plastic cover that has to be clipped on and off, which is an inconvenience.

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