Converting Palm PDB format to TTF format

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A buddy of mine wants to convert a Palm .pdb font into a .ttf font. I'm posting on his behalf to find out if anybody has suggestions.

Stuart :D

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AFAIK out BitFonter can open and save Palm fonts. In the same time it can open and save bitmap-only TrueType fonts. If autotracing is needed, then BitFonter can do it, but FontLab or TypeTool must be used to export outline TT font.

BitFonter 2 will add a bitmap pixel-trace (Flash-style) feature.

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Hi Yuri,

It looks like Bitfonter 2 will be the essential tool for pixelfont designers.

When it will be available, when fonlab 5 launches or before?
It will be available for mac or pc first?



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BF2 will be available first for Mac and it will come earlier than FontLab Studio 5 (which will be available for Windows first :-).

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