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I am a graphic design student and have just started writing a thesis for my Bachelor Degree, about film title design and its relationship to film, and about the effects of the title design on the audience and their perception of a film. I was just wondering if anyone hade any tips on authors or books on this subject? Or maybe you have any other suggestions as to where I might find valuable information?



ps. hope I have posted this in the right place - I'm new here, so sorry if not.

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I was about to say The Art of the Title but auricfuzz already mention it...
I also recomend Saul Bass on Titles: Documentary . The site as also lots of info about titles...


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...and also:

A History of Movie Posters
The Art of the Poster
30 amazing vintage movie posters
Quick Cuts, Coarse Letters, Multiple Screens, this last one very interesting about film title design and its relationship to film.


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Yves Peters writes quite frequently about film graphics, poster and title sequences on the

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Thanks a lot everyone! I have visited some of the sites mentioned, but some are completely new to me (there seems to be many interesting articles on for example. And I didn't know about the Saul Bass documentary, I have to check that out). Thanks again, and if you happen to come up with any more tips and advices I would gladly take them.


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The FontFeed blog (by FontShop) has a weekly roundup called ScreenFonts, disecting the typography and overall design of posters of newly released movies:

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