Informal brush lettering (font)

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I used this font on a job last year and now need to use it again. I've gone through my (work) entire font library, and cannot find it.
Anyone have the name? (it may be a bit thinner originally)

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Actually, wouldn't that a good opportunity to use a decent font instead? ;-)

SCNR, Andreas
(checked +500 handwriting and brush fonts at dafont. Doesn't look like a pay font to me, at least not a font I would pay for)

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I used this font on a job last year

Do you have a PDF?

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It's one small part of a design, but the customer wants a new version, different writing but the exact same font.

Normally I keep a live version of any text outside the artboard, but somehow in this case I did not. I still have the original .ai

When I inherited this work-station, there were over four thousand fonts activated- over the last year, I've been trying to get rid of as many as I can. (the previous user installed most of dafont's inventory, and years of other free fonts, on top of an ancient copy of Adobe font folio and a bitstream collection). Somewhere I have a backup of all of these fonts, but I've already gone through about two thouand of them, without any luck.

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That would make waaay more than 4.000 fonts. Even Dafont seems to have dropped that ugly beast. Do you think your customer would notice if you used something similar?

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I put your image through WhatTheFont and it spit out these similar fonts:

CCWall Scrawler (Bold Italic, Italic)
GFY Uncle Junior
Buffalo Joe
Flavor (Medium)

Flavor at medium weight looks to be the closest match to your font, though it has a cleaner, more professional feel.


4,000+ fonts, good god. I have just over 1,300 and it's already tough wading through it all.

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