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Hi typophiles, i've been coming to this forum often for over a year, i enjoy scrubbing through the various topics an reading the interesting stuff that's usually discussed in here. This is going to be my first post; i have to redesign a telephone book for a pocket map and reference guide. In previous editions of this telephone book i've used Bell Centennial, since it's a proven face for such task, and it has worked well for me. Now for the redesign i would like to try something else to obtain a new 'fresher' look.
I've been thinking about 'Amplitude' and 'Retina' as possibilities for the redesign. What do you think about those options? Which other fonts do you typophiles think that would suit a telephone book with type around 6pt?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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This has gone sadly ignored!

> i have to redesign a telephone book for a pocket map and reference guide.

I'm not sure I understand.
Since this is a highly technical area of type design, the specifications (like how narrow/wide the "paragraphs" need to be) will affect font choice. Could you please elaborate?


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Trade Gothic or FF Din would do the trick.

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Generally newspapers typefaces created for small sizes suit telephone book needs.

6pts seems not a very small size.

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Agreed, although narrowness is a critical element in phone type while it's optional in news (especially since 6 point is indeed a bit big).


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I'll make you a custom one if you want!

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give the site of Trial version of Retina Font

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Could I get the site for the Trial version of Retina Font? I'd like to see what it looks like. I have searched fontfinders for this Retina font with no luck, is it new?

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In order to obtain any kind of trial license of Retina--although I'd think this rarely happens--you'll need to get in contact with the sales office at Hoefler & Frere-Jones at (212) 777 6640, ext. 201.

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H&FJ tend to be extremistly guarded.
They didn't even reply to my request
for an EPS of three glyphs from Retina.


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