The Lobster Font v1.4 Released (Free)

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Hello There!

I'm making my first font, and releasing betas as I make any little bit of progress (in the same way as open source projects do, since my background is PHP programming).

Is a nice bold condensed script with plenty of ligatures and final forms alternates.
For me is a learning experience, so any feedback is highly appreciated.

You can download it for free from the lobster font mini-site.


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Great work! Keep it up!

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Lookin' oh so pretty.
Good luck with the open tasks on the 'to do' list.

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Keep it up is right! Can't wait to see the caps!

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Beatiful typeface.
Keep up the great work!!
Can't wait to see the upercase ones.

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The Caps are ready.

You can download Beta14 for free from the lobster font mini-site, as usual

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Beautiful! :-)

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Can I hint acute?

(oacute is mine)
nice lobster...

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@riccad0: Thanks!

@JanekZ: Yep, you can modify any thing you want.
Does my acutes looks to much like Polish Krescas?

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Don't know if they seem polish, but surely they're uncomfortably upright.

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I would want to see acutes more inclined than yours, and not so angular.
Here are: oacute and aacute from Walbaum Italic, in the middle proposed oacute.
LL principles of acute (Adam Twardoch), LR Kinescope (Mark Simonson).

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Thanks. It's always great when people help.
The acutes will be fixed for the next release.

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Final v1.0 version has been released
Including full latin1 coverage.

Free download
Released under the Apache 2 License.

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By the way, I'm not 100% sure that the OT features are working properly.

Do they work for you?

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Congratulations on the inclusion in the Google Font Directory!

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Thanks! How cool is that!!!

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I spent an hour or two, made Polish characters, and there is no errors (almost)!

Do you want "my" file?

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Will love to add them to the next release
send it to

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I’m not to familiar with the œ, but it’s considered a single glyph (diagraph) — not a ligature. Maybe some frenchmen can chime in on that one. Also the Œ might be to heavy where the shapes meet.

Other things I noticed:
• Bumpy ring in “å”.
• Bumpy a shape in “@”.
• I’d consider drawing © in style with the typeface. If you keep it as is, you need to fix the top node in the c part.
• The “n” and it’s derivates have some problems with the northwestern part of the curve. The same bumpyness seems to repeat in a lot of the connecting tails.
• I spotted some collisions: “ft”, “nx”, “fj”, “gj”, “fï”
• “ð

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I lost a lot of text after that eth.
• Your thorn is also problematic, likewise the ø/Ø (horrible).
• “ú” differs in spacing from other “u” shapes.
• quite a few of the alternates and ligatures set much tighter than the rest of the text.
• “r” often leaves a huge gap after itself.
• a lof of the punctuation differs in weight and style.

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Great Feedback! Thanks a lot.
I will try to fix all I can for next releases, but I'm afraid some of the points are way beyond my abilities. You are welcome to edit the FL source and send it back, if you feel like.

file received. Thanks!

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beautiful font! can it be used for comercial projects???

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Yes, you can.
The Lobster loves to be used on commercial projects.

You can also use it on websites as a webfont via Google Web Fonts

Or via Typekit Webfonts


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Might have a personal project for this.
Suitcase Fusion on the mac couldn't see the font until I renamed it from
Lobster 1.3.otf to Lobster.otf

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Yep, it seems that some programs might have difficult with font that have numbers on her names.
However numbers will remain for a while, as they make it easy for me to keep track of the versions and revisions. And it allows me have all of them installed at the same time.

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If you want the numbers in there you could always spell them out, like LobsterOneThree or some such.

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Special-K, have you tried Lobster-1-3.otf, avoiding a dot in the name?

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As far as I remember, the specifications advise to use the PostScript name as file name (Type1 or OT specification). (Because of old programs / PostScript interpreters.) I would not put the version number in the file name. Alternatively I would put the version number also in the internal font names. (The dot is allowed there, isn’t it?) If an application has problems with that, it is the fault of the application, but not the fault of the font.

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Hmm. On OS X 10.5.8, I get the following filenames and PostScript names

ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W3.otf ; HiraMinPro-W3
ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W6.otf ; HiraMinPro-W6
ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3.otf ; HiraKakuPro-W3
ヒラギノ丸ゴ Pro W4.otf ; HiraMaruPro-W4
ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W6.otf ; HiraKakuPro-W6
ヒラギノ丸ゴ ProN W4.otf ; HiraMaruProN-W4
ヒラギノ角ゴ Std W8.otf ; HiraKakuStd-W8
ヒラギノ角ゴ StdN W8.otf ; HiraKakuStdN-W8

PS: I just ran for i in *.otf; do echo -n "$i" " ; "; otfinfo -p "$i"; done and looked at the output.

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@ Michel

I think, it’s more a should, but not a must. The situations, in which you can have trouble with a font, that has a file name, which is not identically with the PostScript name, are probably extremely rare. But I am relatively sure, that the recommendation can be deduced from the Type1 specs.

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The Google Webfont version also have the numbers removed from the name so it plays nice with Internet Explorer (It seems IE can't handle the numbers).

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Boyer, the dashes are ok. I think Sutcase Fusion was seeing ".3.otf" as a unknown file extension, so it couldn't load the font.

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I bought the Doyald Young Collection to keep learning.
And he was incredibly generous to send me some suggestions for improving the font.

Version 1.4 released. Totally redraw.
Compare old(1.3) vs New(1.4):

As usual, download free from:

Enjoy! and Donate if you wish

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Hello, Pablo!
Thank you for so beautiful font! Now it can type in russian - it is great! Thank you so much!
It would be great also if it could type in latvian. May be it already can, but I can not find it.
If you could make Lobster font for latvian language or post a link to latvian Lobster - I would be very grateful to you :)

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