Recherche ~ New Release

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Recherche is a somewhat non-joining calligraphic script font with over 100 alternate letters. The second font I have produced, I am so happy it is finally finished! It is available at

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Looks nice, but why is there an accent on the last 'e'? If the name is supposed to allude to the french word of the same spelling, that last 'e' is silent.

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The accent is correct:

Impressive font!

I notice on MyFonts that with the "quick brown fox" sample and SS01 selected, it loses the "x." Is that an error in the font or a misuse of how the stylistic sets are set up (or an error with the MyFonts engine)?

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Ah, so it is apparently in English. In French, there is no accent unless it's in past tense. Actually, now that I look at that link, it's only used as an adjective in English and describes things that are researched and well chosen. Thus explaining the past tense translation.

Either way, nice font :)

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