(x) Jack and Jill Font / curly handwritten monolinear serif - probably custom, various alternatives {J Bradley J, Mike Y}

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Hi there! I have been SEARCHING high and low for this font and can't find it anywhere! I have it as an embroidery design, but would like to match it in true type font so I can use it in my other embroidery program. If you search for Jack and Jill font you only come up with the embroidery font option-not what I need. I'm sure there has to be a match out there somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. Any help or suggestions?

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I think it's likely that this is a custom embroidery, and there's not a match out there anywhere.

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I'm inclined to agree, although this sort of look is common enough in scrapbooking fonts. I found one free and two commercial fonts that might be close enough to use as substitutes, but not if you HAVE to match your sample. The freebie is Pizzadude's Love Letters. The commercial fonts are Sugar Shack by Bob Alonso,and Amore from ParaType.

If you study the Love Letters or Sugar Shack fonts, and imagine a few changes, like adding serifs, you can see how perhaps this font of yours might have been developed as a custom font 'inspired' by one of these others.

- Mike Yanega

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