Expert fonts don't display onscreen in OS X

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A weird thing--If I select Fournier Expert, or Minion Expert, in Quark 6, or in Font Book, or Suitcase X1, it doesn't display anything except the fractions. But I can see all of the characters in InDesign CS.
Just did a set of book galleys where I used Expert for the ligatures, and I couldn't see any of them, even though they print out fine.
Using Mac OS 10.3.5. Any body else have this problem, or know what to do about it?

Related questions: TypeTool shows them, but if I try to type them in the TypeTool metrics window, the fractions & ligs are not on the same keys that they are when I type them in a layout program.

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I'm having this same problem with Freehand MX and Spectrum Expert. The ligatures within the "regular" font show up fine, but ff, ffl, and ffi don't show up. InDesign shows them just fine.

I'm also using Mac OS 10.3.5.

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I found out that this was just a Quark 6 problem. Actually, Font book and Suitcase were okay (the ligs just weren't in the sample text shown)

It's still a problem in Quark 6--but not the OS. Hope that helps!

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