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This Belgian company, Alt-Soft, has a new software for font edition and conversion, called FTM (Font Type Master). It's a simple app, not really good for drawing or creating new fonts, there's not even a good metrics tool.

But this app has a very, very interesting feature. Maybe I shouldn't post this here, but... it opens fonts from PDFs! Using the demo, I was able to open a font from a PDF file. Quick and easy. No kerning though. I just wasn't able to save the font because it is a demo (no saving allowed).

I will not post a link to this, but I think interested people will find it.

Personally, I think this feature should be removed from this app. But, what do others think about it?

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I think this feature is stupid. When I see a specimen I prefer a pdf so I can print and see if the typeface works. Now foundries will remove their pdf.
Is it possible to open the fonts also from protected pdf?

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Who is supposed to use the feature, and for what purpose? There really isn't a legitimate need to open a font from a PDF, because if you have a legitimate right to open a font it is because you have a license which says you can, which means that you have the font.

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It looks like a nice engine for an font editor, but due to its feature set, its more a deluxe ripper.

It can't open protected pdfs, but experts will know how to do it.

So for pdf specimens, you should embed only a subset of your fonts and essential pages can be rendered as bitmaps only.

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