Good B&W Victorian clipart?

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I know this isn't strictly related to type, but I am trying to impart some kind of 19th century flavor to a project I am working on. I've been looking for a while, not finding a heck of a lot, and I thought some designers here might know of some good CDs.

<a href="">Miss Mary</a> is sorta close to what I have in mind, so is <a href="">Old Time Clip Art</a>, though they don't seem to be very high-res. (I'm asking them by email.) Here are some images that may give some idea of what I'm looking for. (I'd use the CD these came from, but they are all pretty lo-res.)

Older art (of evil spirits from Middle Ages, for example) is okay too.

Advertisement 077 copy.tif (72.2 k)

Angel with Lute 3 copy.tif (81.7 k)

Bicycle 02.tif (38.1 k)

Frame 057.tif (107.4 k)

Frog 1 copy.tif (37.3 k)

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Hm, not sure what happened there...

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Go to your big-box bookstore and go to the art/clipart/design section. There's usually more than a few of the 'scan this book/dover art' type clip art collections there.

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if you find a nice crow in this style, zach, lemme know.

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Thanks Darrel... I always see those and it's never occurred to me to scan them...

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I got some of these.. They are from 'The Pepin Press / Agile Rabbit Editions', and, the best thing, included is a cdRom with all the images, featured in the book.. So, forget about scanning.. :-)

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I used to work at a letterpress shop and we used those books constantly to get printing blocks made. Fun stuff when you have a legitimate need for them.

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There is this book series that have great victorian clipart. It's called 'Scan this book'. the clip art is printed on good quality coated stock so fine lines a printed pretty well as opposed to other books which are printed on low grade paper. The price is also very reasonable.


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Just found this forum during a random search. Interesting...before I explore, just wanted to mention that I'm the Miss Mary at About the clip art--color is 300 ppi, engravings, woodcuts and black & white line art, 600 ppi. I do keep higher resolution versions on hand for special needs :-)

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