Addidas and NIKE World Cup Soccer Jersey Font ID HELP!


I'm new to this website, and was hoping someone could help me identify some fonts. I will post an image of the font(s) in question.

Thanks in advance.


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We'll wait for the image! ;-)

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And don’t expect too much from the future answers: See FAQ #16.

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Need help? How to post a sample or image
In particular, make sure that:

  • the file name does not contain spaces (or any other ø∂∂ ¢håræct€rs)
  • you have the right Flash plugin installed with your browser
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Here are images of Brazil and the USA's tops. Both of their kits are from Nike.

(I'm curious as to the name of font too)

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Interesting, we haven't had the Nikes yet. I'm curious too.
The FontFeed has recently covered Adidas (Unity, custom by Yomar Augusto) and also Puma (Crepello, custom by Paul Barnes):

Note, all these are custom design jobs so I wouldn't expect any of them to become available for licensing.

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