Movies/TV shows that use Eurostile/Microgramma as a "futuristic font"

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So I recently saw Moon (great movie, by the way). I kind of laughed when I saw that they used Eurostile in the film for "Lunar Industries" as well as signage and such on the moon base (the titles were Bank Gothic - another popular choice). Clearly this is a visual cliché, but II'm having a hard time remembering where else I've seen this. So I'm asking typophile - what other movies/tv shows can you think of?

Preferably within the movie/series, but if it's used for titles that's okay too. I did look up Eurostile and Microgramma on Wikipedia, and came up with these:

2001: A Space Odyssey
The Andromeda Strain
Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Space: 1999 and UFO
Several Star Trek movies, and ST: Enterprise
BSG (main title)

If there's enough of them I'll even make a video compilation (aka a supercut).

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Space: 1999, most notably interiors. An important leitmotif of my teen years.

Oh, shit. You spotted it, I see now.

Ask Dan Rhatigan (he’s on the Typophile somewhere) to resuscitate the pictures he took at his friend’s 1:1 remake of Command Centre – wait, no, I found them on the Flickr.

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Oh, man. Is that really Dan? Very funny. I used to watch that show.

I seem to recall seeing a lot of one of Novarese's other typefaces, Stop, on BSG.

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Also for Eurostile: Dark Star, although it's sort of a parody of the genre.

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The re-envisioned Battlestar Galactica (the one from this Millennium…) used Bank Gothic in its Main Title sequences (and in some seasons, for the end credits, IIRC), not Eurostile or Microgramma. The word "Battlestar" in the BSG logo itself, though, is something Microgramma-ish.

For a few years, a few years ago, Doctor Who spots on BBC One used Bank Gothic sparingly, too (leading up to "Voyage of the Damned" and Season Four, I think).

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Lettering on the original NCC-1701 Enterprise.

Star Trek Technical Manual (vivid visual memories from 30 years ago).

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Speaking of Stop, have you seen this baffling use of it for signage?

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have you seen this baffling use of it for signage?

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Here's a screen cap from the original Andromeda Strain.

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Awesome. I might have enough stuff to put together a montage - I also saw a still from Total Recall that had it on the side of a cab. And on BSG, on a computer screen.

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Operating Systems should have Eurostile/Microgramma included as a system font so that all the RED ALERT and DANGER messages, that will be displayed on VDU's in the future, look just how we expect them to.

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This thread has been vexing me since I saw it. What really bothers me is I can’t come up with other examples. Even Omni magazine isn’t really an accurate example... is it?

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back in the '80s I was printing promotional materials for some computer or software company - Not Commodore but something along those lines and the headings were all Eurostile.

The name is completely escaping me.

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Here's Dark Star:

I thought I would find more on that site, but no.

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> The name is completely escaping me.

Ohio Scientific?

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Of course, web sites use it too, but that might be too much like shooting fish in a barrel:

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Opening cast and crew credits for Caprica (not Friz Quadrata–derived logotype).

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A period favourite of mine, Capricorn One, uses something that looks like Microgramma on a few of their posters.
Other semi-scifi fonts used in their promo material: Crillee (also used in Star Trek movies), plus a look-alike of that ubiquitous computer-font-of-days-to-come that has a major prominence in Space 1999: Countdown.

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I seem to remember it used in 50s sci-Fi films as well as on some older NASA publications

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The opening titles of District 9* use Eurostile.


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Fortunately, some dedicated fan already went to the trouble of detailing the Moonbase Alpha graphics from Space: 1999, including the typefaces.

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The interiors of the base in 'Moon [2009]'

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Wall-E features Eurostile as the signage/way-finding typeface on the Axiom, the ship where the humans are on a permanent cruise.

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More Moon stills here:

James Cameron's Aliens is covered in Eurostile, although I can't find any stills online that show it. Two good examples from memory: as Ripley and the marines enter the medical centre for the first time, all the storage units are labeled with an in-line version of Eurostile; as the marines venture down to Sub-level 3 of the atmosphere processor, each floor has a big, glowing Eurostile name and number.

A geeky, non-typographic aside: the atmosphere processor is actually a decomissioned power station in Acton.

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I've legal font Microgramma. It came with Windows 7.

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I love ficction films.

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>It came with Windows 7.

no it didn't

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Apparently, neither did Neo Sans :-D

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It's too bad there aren't more "futuristic" fonts out there to use; as the OP says, it's a visual cliche for space adventure movies etc. Gee if only someone would put out something new....

Heh heh.

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For those of you not in the know, Carl put out the excellent Biome not too long ago.

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I spotted some Microgramma in Aeon Flux. The original MTV Liquid Television animated shorts anyway.

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