MetaPhile: Clarifications for our less-attentive members

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I’ve been working on the MetaPhile concept off and on since November. It does not represent any sudden rush of work. In fact, I’ve mostly been putting it off, but over a great deal of time I assembled several index cards’ worth of ideas into 19 (now 20) distinct bug reports.

As ever in bug reporting, we file one bug per report to avoid mixing apples and oranges. Check any bug-tracking system.

I indeed did not embark on a parallel project of listing everything salutary about Typophile. This is a bug-reporting project. I’m not here to reinforce your own impressions of how fabulous Typophile is. I repeat: If you never even noticed these problems, you won’t notice when they fix them, either.

As a member of this site and just as an informed member of the citizenry, I do in fact have a right to submit these bugs. The fact I don’t run the site or pay for it means nothing. The people who do and do needed a few corrections along the way. And since I am now not the only one filing MetaPhile bugs, I see I must have been on to something all along.

I don’t have to use a tone you like. But you aren’t fooling anybody: There is no tone you’d like when reporting bugs or when in any way advancing the idea this place is less than perfect. There is precisely no tone I could have used that would have met with your approval. A lot of you have shown your true colours in the last day, resorting to personal attacks that Typophile administrators (not “moderators”) agree with and will allow to remain online. I’d say my tone isn’t the problem.

It’s up to the administrators (not the “moderators”) of this site to create a separate MetaPhile forum and move these postings there.

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But why are you so angry?

Did people mistreat you when you submitted these bugs (I assume in a more neutral tone) the first time? Or is it that the admins didn't pay attention to your bug reports the first time around? Did the admins penalize you in some way for submitting those bug reports?

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Not “angry,” Palpatine. I’ve merely lost my patience.

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You will not be effective until you regain it.

Most of all, you have to believe that many people often have good reason not to agree, usually with your specific suggestions, but sometimes even with your broader outlook. And sometimes they just don't care enough about what you're passionate about, so they have no reason to take any action (except possibly to suggest that you should improve your perspective on human interaction).


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