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Could you please give a brief assessment of logo (see the link below).
It is a new brand for Saare County (26 islands of the Baltic Sea, including the 2nd biggest Saaremaa). In order to outline it with “one word” we came up with a finding to outline the strategy - SEAWISE.

Please note that this brand is not created to mark Saaremaa as a tourist destination only. It equally focuses onto the local habitants, investors, enterpreneurs.

Thank you very much.

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I quite like it, but the cross as the fish's eye makes me think of dead fish. Also, I'm not sure what the extra snowflake like thing is doing in the circular marks, I think it's extra.
The concept fits with my image of the region.

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Make me think a bit of a Spaghetti Monster. I like it too, but maybe a tad too busy. To me, there needs to be a focal point, whether the fish, gills or spiral.

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Some improvements were done!

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Glad to see the fish is no longer dead. Now the eye of the fish draws a lot of attention. It competes for the eyes attention with the swirl above it.

What is your thought behind the swirl and the fish?

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Ottone, This is great. So good. Well done.

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great logo

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