Font Aid IV: Ampersand Entries

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For those who have contributed to the Font Aid IV Project, I thought it would be cool to get a cheeky preview of what you lovely people submitted.

Its not necessarily a crit, just a place to see what different styles and variations you come up with. Feel free to comment how you wish tho.

I went for a simple, circley, wiggly, snowman style :)

And off course what a great thing the Font Aid team are doing to raise money for this tragedy. Good to know there's so many caring people out there.


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On behalf of YouWorkForThem, best of luck.

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Here goes ...

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"but the internet-voice inside my head wants to say something witty and inappropriate about safety-belts & segregation... "


Huh? I don't get it.

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Michael, very nice. Make the drop more tear-like?


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this is my first post here, too.
my contribution:

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I just sent this, I hope it helps.

The PNG turned out a little flat at the bottom.

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Here's my 2 submissions!

H O P E 4 H A I T I !

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Hope it will help!

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My contribution:

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Theo, that's beautiful.

Viktor, now that's what I'm talkin'bout.


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Our contribution:

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Looks good, Elias!

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Wow! Very high level here. This is my proposal. :)

Lucky to all.

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So many beautiful forms! Here is mine.

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Redbot Supports Haiti

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Here's a second one from me. Starting point was a seismogram-like wave.

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here's one of my submissions

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& my ampersand...

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Aw, my first post! Here are my two - I'm only submitting the first one though, the cleaner one. The more calligraphic version... yeah, not so simple and clean as requested. But I have a tendency to overdo it. Always. ;)

~ Laura

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Those are lovely Laura - welcome to Typophile.


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I made this by using the pattern:

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my ampersand

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Quite a good one, Wolfgang!

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Howdy Folks - Here's another design I've been playing with.

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Very nice work, everybody! Here is my monoline ampersand:

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Here is mine. So many great entries. My is more a grid based icon. Love seeing the community come together.

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Now that the font is done, lets make a Poster for charity too! :)

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My little grain of sand for the cause.

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Here's mine, finished with more than two hours to spare! :-)


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Thanks everyone! We have close to 400 participants. The font is coming together very nicely. I'll send out an update as soon as we have more information to share. If all goes well, we hope to have the font for sale by the end of the week.


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Brilliant, Hrant! I also like the one by Anderson Maschio a lot, very "Asian-fusion".

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great work everyone!

hrant, nice one.

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A great, and fun project - wonderful to see all different creative kinds of work!
Here's one of my contributions.

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Very seismic, Hrant! :-)

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Fabulous variety. Here's my very humble design:

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Here ya go type geeks!

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Nice one from the heart Andrea!

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Missed the deadline, sadly, but I had worked on this guy.

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Thanks everyone! This font is going to be amazing. We had 379 people submit designs from 37 different countries.

Chank Diesel is doing an amazing job behind the scenes putting the font together. The font will be sold for $20 (same as Font Aid III) through several different font distributors. We’ll announce which distributors once the contracts and plans are finalized.

All money raised will be donated to Doctors Without Borders to help with their work in Haiti.

The SoTA board is overjoyed by the response to this project. We hope many of you will join us at our annual conference being held this year in Los Angeles, California at the end of August ( We also encourage you to become a member of SoTA to help support projects such as Font Aid ( . SoTA is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of type, its history and development, its use in the world of print and digital imagery, its designers, and its admirers.

Thanks again! You guys are amazing!

Michelle & the SoTA board


My contribution

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I couldn't decide on one direction for the design, so submitted two. They can use one, the other or both.

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here's mine:

A bit bland, but hopefully useful, and adding to the usefulness of the for-sale "typeface". ;)

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my ampersands!

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